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Our You Tube Channel

Our channel is populated with a great many, and a great variety, of project examples. We welcome you to browse the work to get an idea of the quality and scope we provide. If you would like to view more examples, or perhaps an example specific to your project, please contact us. Click here to visit our You Tube channel.



Through all of the years we have had the good fortune to be involved in fundraising efforts for many groups, Make A Wish, Jack’s Place for Autism, Arts and Scraps, and in higher learning. We would be glad to have the opportunity to lend a hand, delivering resources to help your projects be successful. Please have a look at this example and contact us for further detail.

Music Video:

Being a lifelong musician from a family of musicians, I have an affinity to music related work. Please review this Jimmy Bones music video and/or contact us for further detail.

"Dear Jim, ... The final edit was excellent and I am very pleased with the results of everything from initial planning, to production, to post production, to finished product. You and your people did an exemplary job on all phases....

Best Regards,
Frank Groth, "The Jazz Canvas"
Jazz Canvas video excerpt

Director of Photography

I really enjoy creating images. I was the staff Director/DP at GTN for 15+ years. I carry on that ala carte service to support the clients I have developed that relationship with over my many years in the business. Please review my DP reel, included for reference are a variety of motion formats used: film, HD video and even standard definition video, and contact me for rates and availability.

Music Composition

Music has always been in my family and a part of my life. As I went through college I studied Jazz at the same time doing acoustic and electric gigs in the blues and folk genres and began writing music.

With my band, Jam-Art, we play about 50-70% original music on any given night. Through the years, I put my music in as place-holders on various projects I was producing. Who knew my clients would like it? This has evolved into offering music composition as a service. If you are interested, please watch the DIYG pilot trailer. I composed and recorded all of the music heard on the show.

"I first worked with Jim more than 20 years ago when he was on staff at GTN. From the very beginning he has always been a smart and forward thinking director and producer. Our working relationship continued when he branched out on his own and started bringing his true creative talents to life. Our numerous projects together have been well planned and produced. Working under his direction is always a pleasure. His easy going but efficient style brings the best out of talent and crew alike.

When the opportunity came for me to produce a demo video for my concept of a home improvement television show for women, there was no one else I trusted with my vision. The "Do It Yourself, Girl!" demo turned out better than I imagined!!! He even created original theme music for it!!! I am so proud of our project; I say OUR project because even though it's my show, it wouldn't have been half of what it is without Jim.

I look forward to every project we work on together and I am very grateful to have such a talented artist and friend (brother) to work with.

Sonja Crosby,
'Do It Yourself Girl', Producer/Actor


Our editorial services have grown out of the need to offer value, and speed to delivery. We still collaborate with many of the large post-production facilities in the area, and what we provide really doesn't rub against what they provide. We offer a project-based service, not a rent per hour edit suite. We have a full High Definition edit suite that is housed within our graphic and print design studio.

I was born on the eastside, in the city of Detroit. I am married to Patti, with one son, James.

I am a graduate of Oakland University with a bachelors degree in Communications. I also graduated from the Kodak Cinematographers School.

I have been in the production business since the eighties and have worked in almost every job capacity. I started out managing equipment rentals at GTN, a full service production and post facility in Oak Park, Michigan. When I left GTN I was the Director/Director of Photography.

I started my own business, JJMENCOTTI, LLC, because I was very limited by the structure at GTN and felt that I could develop a better way of doing business. I wanted to bring a truly full service production company to the market and support clients who needed everything, and would benefit from the efficiency a 'one stop shop' could bring. I also didn't want to turn my back on the many clients whose relationship with me grew from a specific set of needs. These folks weren't in need of the full menu of services, and would be better served if they could choose the services based on their specific requirements at any given time. At my company, we have the scalability necessary to provide whatever resources and services are required to support our client's success.

I also have a varied group of other interests.

I come from a long line of musicians and am one myself, having the group Jam-Art, We play both original compositions and our versions of other's music.

I have practiced many styles of Martial Arts and am a disciple of Eddie Wu, practicing and teaching Wu style Tai Chi Chuan since the mid eighties.

I started a business in the nineties, that I have now sold off, Living Interiors. This business was born from a hobby I started with my Father when I was in grade school, fish keeping. The hobby became a business at the request of the curator at the Belle Isle Aquarium and the store Wet Pet. Through the years we were a major supplier of livestock, equipment and design services for the Detroit Zoo and the Belle Isle Aquarium. We also did aquarium display installations and maintenance for business and private homes. When my son was born we started to systematically sell off Living Interiors as time with our son and in the production business world took priority.