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Decades in the business, working in most crew positions on set, and within post production brings the experience needed to effectively work on each project. I combine this practical experience with the creative side, having drawn, photographed and played music my whole life. Growing up surrounded by family members who sang opera, wrote for radio, painted and played music, might have had something to do with it. I strive to deliver the most value from both the creative perspective, and the financial perspective, to each and every project. Please review the work examples shown here and contact me for further detail.


When working on spots for National, Regional or Local release, we leverage all of our resources to deliver the best for every client. Please review the examples and contact us for further detail.

Ford TV • Aladdin TV • Bright Side Dental • Credit Union One • Jet's Pizza • Lexmark • WRIF Rock Girl • Goodwrench

"Knowing that Jim can confidently and creatively handle the production projects for my clients is reassuring. He has a great eye for not only location, but settings, talent and overall aesthetics. I've really enjoyed working with him and would seek him out for future projects."

Jessica Pondell,
Account Supervisor - BERLINE Advertising


TV: Producing television shows presents many opportunities for solutions. Once a strong creative is developed, the project has to be produced in a way that allows the work to be successful in many ways. The project has to deliver: demographically; within the budget; with the viewer; be professionally executed and stay true to the creative... Please review the examples and contact us for further detail.

"I first worked with Jim more than 20 years ago when he was on staff at GTN. From the very beginning he has always been a smart and forward thinking director and producer. Our working relationship continued when he branched out on his own and started bringing his true creative talents to life. Our numerous projects together have been well planned and produced. Working under his direction is always a pleasure. His easy going but efficient style brings the best out of talent and crew alike.

When the opportunity came for me to produce a demo video for my concept of a home improvement television show for women, there was no one else I trusted with my vision. The "Do It Yourself, Girl!" demo turned out better than I imagined!!! He even created original theme music for it!!! I am so proud of our project; I say OUR project because even though it's my show, it wouldn't have been half of what it is without Jim.

I look forward to every project we work on together and I am very grateful to have such a talented artist and friend (brother) to work with.

Sonja Crosby,
'Do It Yourself Girl',

"Dear Jim, ... The final edit was excellent and I am very pleased with the results of everything from initial planning, to production, to post production, to finished product. You and your people did an exemplary job on all phases....

Best Regards,
Frank Groth, "The Jazz Canvas"
Jazz Canvas video excerpt

Film Making

It has been a pleasure to be involved in long format projects. Film making offers a unique environment in which to practice craft. Documentary work also brings the benefit of being able to positively affect lives. In fact, we won a National You Tube Making a Difference Video Award for "The Cumming’s Story".

"Jim and I have been working together on projects for several years. He is a great collaborator and talented craftsman of visual media, producer, and director."

Michael C. Moreland
Senior Content Producer, VCE

Still Photography

Still photography has applications in many areas, and we take advantage of the power a quality shot delivers. Whether it’s on a website, in a print marketing piece, a DVD cover... Our work can been seen everywhere from national print ads and campaigns, such as, GM Goodwrench, on to simple portfolio websites like the one designed and built for renowned master builder and artist, Matt Michalec.

Note that we designed and built all of Matt’s point of contact collateral, pdf portfolio, logo, business cards and website.

"I met Jim Mencotti during a project that he was doing for a friend and client of mine a couple of years ago. I had the pleasure of watching him work for that day and thankfully had a chance to spend some down time with him during a dinner break. We connected on a friendly level quickly and the way he handled his work made a good impression on me. I mentioned to him then that I had been thinking about getting a website for my business and he expressed that he would like to be the one to build it for me when I was ready. About a year later I was ready and we reconnected to see what he could do for me. I build custom furniture, cabinetry and architectural elements so one thing I really needed out of a website was to showcase my work with quality photography. Jim's many talents turned out to be just what somebody like me needed. We spent one very full and very productive day visiting several of my clients homes where he and his assistant were able to capture some of my work like only pros could. I was able to hire one guy to handle building me a very functional website from start to finish. The site began paying for itself almost immediately and hiring Jim has certainly been the smartest marketing decision that I've made to date."

Matt Michalec,