Project Management & Producing Services

Project management is a broad category. It covers many types of responsibilities, overlapping in many areas: producing, directing and marketing support... We deliver great depth in our project management services due to the varied, real world experience we have in many facets: design, communication, entertainment, training and delivery. I follow here with several examples of project management in various verticals. Please contact me for more information.

SFS Project

SFS chose my group to update their marketing approach and site, with the introduction of their new service, storage of digital assets including offsite viewing of thumbnails of the stored assets. The LTO digital storage is cutting edge technology and the look, feel and interface of their website had to both communicate this complex service but deliver a quality, reliable user experience. This was a true A to Z project from initial creative and design to capture and/or production of all of the assets to producing/publishing all of the elements: website, marketing video, LTO user interface, print marketing collateral, business cards, swag, stickers... Please visit and have a look.

"When Solo Flight was looking to re-image and market our new digital service, Jim was there to help us every step of the way. He helped with several areas from sales and marketing collateral to completely redesigning and maintaining our website which includes a professional video and high quality photos. I would recommend Jim to anyone; he is attentive, thorough, produces high quality work and is a genuinely nice guy."

Shannon Rowe
General Manager,

VCE Project

For Detroit-Wayne Mental Health Authority, I have done the instructional design, produced the web based training and several ‘welcoming videos’ required to support the 17,000 mental health professionals in the county, helping them better serve the community. One solution I designed revolved around looking at training from more than one perspective. Many times, training is just the facts presented with a ‘you have to learn this’ attitude. I feel that this approach sometimes misses its mark. I wanted to design training that kept the attention of the viewer through the passing on of knowledge, but didn’t just stop there. I wanted the training to inspire the caregivers and validate the hard work they put into changing lives. To do this, I broke the training into detailed educational sections followed by a review and questions, but instead of jumping back into the instruction, I chose to tell the story of one of the consumers whose life was changed by the help they had received from the County. These, three act, documentaries not only provided the needed break for the person training, but offered real world compelling stories of success. This not only validated their efforts, but also worked to inspire them to continue to change people’s lives. One of the documentary pieces won the 2010 National You Tube 'Making A Difference' Video Award. The Cumming's Family Story

"Jim and I have been working together on projects for several years. He is a great collaborator and talented craftsman of visual media, producer, and director."

Michael C. Moreland,
Senior Content Producer, VCE