Sales & Marketing Support

We strive to support the success of all of our clients. We do this in a way that allows us to tailor our menu of services for each client. We may handle all of the marketing for an organization, as we have done for OIG, or produce a specific project, in a sub contractor role, providing a specific resource, an example of which would be the marketing videos and brochures we produced for the MRCC. Please contact us for further information.

OIG has been a client for several years. I held a freelance position as Marketing Manager. I supported the success of this SaaS, eProcurement company on many fronts, designing two websites, designing and producing extensive media collateral, event booths, business cards, print advertisement, producing customer testimonial videos, designing swag, managing PR, designing logos and coining terms to describe their products and services, such as ‘Clear Path Commerce’™. Now that the company has evolved into ePS we continue to support their success.

"Jim provides a wide range of services, and has supported sales and marketing for two of my companies. From complete branding, creative and production of all collateral, at all points of contact, to designing our trade show booths and producing live events. We will continue to call upon him to help us be successful."

David Saroli
President / CEO
EPS (e-Procurement Services)